Special Visitors Evening 21 Feb 2012

The next Telford Business Club will meet on Tuesday 21st February, slightly later in the month than usual so as not to clash with Valentines Day last week.

We will meet in the Green Keeper bar at 5.45pm with the meeting due to start at 6pm, followed by a 2 course meal at approximately 7pm with an opportunity for informal networking.

This months meeting will be a visitors evening with all members encouraged to bring a guest. There is a special discount for guests from £12 to £8 so it’s a great time for visitors to see what Telford Business Club can offer.

This month’s presentation is by Telford Business Club member Jason Blair. Below is a brief introduction:

Jason Blair – Sales Director at A-Stat Office Technology Ltd

I have been selling from the age of 17 in the IT and printing industry. At the age of 18 I was headhunted to manage the Microsoft Account, within 4 years I took this from inception to being No1 in the UK and the Manager of my own department, holding the record for the largest order ever taken. For the last 10 years I have been selling photocopiers and printing solutions. I had my own business and grew this through my sales until recently we merged and I am now the Sales Director of a multi million pound business in an industry known to many as a difficult selling environment. This is mainly due to the fact that you are selling something that customers usually already have, there is very little difference between the products, the market is highly competitive with very similar pricing, is not emotive and clients are usually in a very binding long term contract. In fact, in the industry, they say you don’t buy a photocopier, you get sold one.

In my presentation I am giving you the bones of the sales process, which you can apply to your dealings with customers to help win more business. Here is what I will be covering:

1 Who am I speaking to?
2 Evaluation
3 Competitors
4 The best proposal
5 Control
6 Should I close?”

I am sure you will agree that this should be an exciting meeting so please let Ros know if you are able to attend (rosalind@burhillgl.co.uk) and bring a guest along too.