Mike Barrett

Mike Barrett

NameMike Barrett
CompanyQuilter Financial Planning Solutions Ltd
Address7 Hermitage Way, Madeley, Telford, Shropshire. TF7 5RP
PositionFinancial Adviser
Business Profile

Mike is a Financial Adviser since 1993 and who after two decades in the profession, set up his own practice in early 2013.

Over those years Mike has worked towards building long-term and ongoing relationships with his clients, offering them his experience, knowledge, and advice. Mike aims to be of benefit and bring value to both existing and new clients, many of whom Mike still advises on since his relocation to Telford from Kent in 1998.

The inception of Mike’s own advice practice coincided with a major change in the financial advice market in the UK, at a similar time in which the consumers’ needs and requirements have also changed.

Mike has his own distinct approach to how he sees his client’s needs for service not just now but also for the future, with “a client for life” being very much his mantra.

Mike has an array of clients, all with their own unique requirements ranging from protecting their family and mortgage needs, retirement planning and at retirement needs.

Mike also has a qualification in Long Term Care needs. This means Mike is authorised to deal with, and advise on this very important area, an area that has become more relevant to our ever aging population.

If you too wish to benefit further from the advice Mike can offer he is available through 01952 583990, 07816 323419 MikeBarett@thinkpositive.co.uk or visit his website at www.MichaelTBarrett.co.uk

Email: mikebarrett@thinkpositive.co.uk