Tracy Gregory

Tracy Gregory
Tracy Gregory
NameTracy Gregory
CompanyTracy Gregory Virtual Assistant
PositionBusiness Owner
ContactMobile: 07976 528871
Business ProfileTracy is a Virtual Assistant providing professional administrative and organisational assistance, and specialises in residential lettings and property management, helping landlords and letting agents.

With over 25 years experience in the property sector dealing with tenancy law and compliance, Tracy has a wealth of knowledge and managed busy offices throughout. Her organisational skills and systems were key to this.

Whether it’s an hour a month or 40 hours, ANY business that uses a VA will benefit from it, it allows you to grow! All VAs have their own strengths and niches so don’t just use one, use two or three of them if necessary to get the best for you and your business. Even something as small as typing up your blog or newsletter, or proof reading them, send them to your VA. They’ll do it in half the time and it frees you up to do something much more productive for your business.

Tracy works remotely and stays in touch with clients via various methods including email, Zoom, Google Meet, Facetime, Whatsapp or the good old telephone.